PVC foils for offset printing

PVC foils for offset printing

The wide supply of plasticized polyvinylchloride foils (PVC-P) includes also the foil of 847 type designed for offset printing. This foil is easily printable, and also the full-size printing is no problem. The high quality prints can be achieved. Printed foil may be further finalised using other ordinary methods such as high-frequency welding or sewing.

The foil is manufactured with the thickness of 0.3 mm in various widths depending on its further use (960, 1245, 1350, 1400 mm). The lap length is 50 m.

The printing foil may be used in school haberdashery (compartments, bags for letters and numbers, binders, covers) and office haberdashery (compartments, folders, packages, diary covers). Its other use includes for example covers of musical vinyl records, production of purses, book-jackets etc.

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