Printed and patterned table cloth material finds its use in households, both in the interior and on terraces and in gardens in summer months. It protects furniture against dirt and can be used everywhere. Emphasis is put on easy maintenance. The offer of patterns is wide‑ranging, from transparent films to printed materials with motifs of flowers, fruit or geometric shapes.
Some of the products in Collection ble in stock throughout the year. They can be purchased per roll. In addition to the  Collection, you can have a look at our e‑catalogue which contains all the patterns offered by us. The minimum purchased table cloth material when selecting a pattern not present in our collection is 5,000 running meters.

Application areas

  • decorative purposes (dining)
  • shower curtains
  • aprons
  • for production bibs
  • bathing caps
  • protection of ocassions textile tablecloths (transparent foil)

Product advantages

  • washability
  • combustibility
  • softness
  • easy modification of dimensions


The foil production is based on recipes that do not contain any phthalate plasticizers – rolls identified with a white label with the red inscription NEW. This foil is not tested for phthalate contents and can contain more than 0.1 % of phtalates.

On the customer’s request a foil variant for products for children up to three years of age can be produced – rolls identified with a blue label (the name containing “D“ after the type number). This foil is tested for phthalate contents (max. 0.1 %) – compliance with the EC Directive 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex XVII, items 51 and 52 is guaranteed.


  Characteristic Thickness










Foils, type 850, are manufactured with a colourful or transparent base and print.

0,15±0,02 1300±10 35
  Foils, type 843, are manufactured as transparent with a fine pattern. 0,15±0,02 1300±10 35
  Foils, type 846, are manufactured as transparent without a pattern. 0,12±0,02 1300±10 50

Patterns collection

Patterns collection

Tablecloths collection – transparent foils, printed or embossed



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