Special foils

Plasticised polyvinyl chloride foil is produced for particular applications and has specific properties. Frost resistance, UV stability flame-retardant properties etc. of foil can be increased.

Special foils

Application areas

  • health care
  • inflatable products
  • tent Windows
  • draught barriers
  • non-flammable foil
  • printed foil
  • cut foil

Product advantages

The foil can be cut, sewn or glued together or joined by high-frequency welding and it can also be printed.

Usage instructions

Foil sheets can be connected by gluing, sewing or high-frequency welding.

If more foil types (kinds) are used (joined) for one product, the following principles must be observed:

  • foil types of just one manufacturer may only be combined;
  • only combine foil types with labels of the same colour;
  • you must combine foil types of approximately the same hardness;
  • all the used foil sheets on a product must be oriented in the same direction (resulting from the production direction and roll winding).



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  • Infolist plasticized PVC foils
    • Infolist plasticized PVC foils