Water toys

Inflatable toys and water match. Our supply includes inflatable swimming rings in three different designs. The series of toys is quite original and cannot be found at another manufacturer. It includes appreciated retro toys from Libuše Niklová – Indian canoe and Arrow. Innovations include balls with spots and boats designed for both, boys and girls – Princess, Regatta, and Pirate. Boats have two chambers. One of them is inflated, while the other is filled with water, which lowers the gravity centre and the boat sails nicely. Balls from the Black and White collection of the designer Zuzana Lednická are also remarkable. Small toys – Frog and Crayfish fit in the bathtub or pool.

Water toys

Product advantages

  • Reputable design
  • They develop motor skills
  • Safe Toy Certificate
  • Light
  • Soft
  • Washable

Video guide

See how children play with inflatable toys.


  • Inflatable toys serve as a single child play under adult’s supervision.
  • The toy is not intended as a rescue aid in water.
  • The product can be washed with warm water with detergent.
  • Ink, aniline paints as well as long-term contact with rubber result in non-recoverable stains.
  • The product can be inflated at the minimum temperature of +15°C. If you bring a packaged product from lower temperature, let is warm up at least for 8 hours. The product can be used at the temperature from +5°C to +40°C.
  • The product must not get into contact with hot subjects, pointed subjects, and subjects with sharp edges.
  • The required product shape is achieved when inflated by adult person’s mouth – do not use compressors or other sources of compressed air.
  • Do not over-inflate the products. The product surface must be crinkled. In case of temperature increase in the area the product is located in, it is necessary to release part of the air through the inflation tube.
  • Do not overload the product!
  • Punctured product (outside the weld) can be repaired with glue for softened PVC.



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