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Based on a submitted original product or a drawing/sketch specifying the exact dimensions where you need the promotional item to be patterned, we will prepare a hand-made prototype of the shape design and give you a quotation. If the shape is suitable, we will let a welding rod made and mutually agree on the printing. Before the start of manufacturing, we will present a reference sample which is the basis for the lot production.
A separate line of products is represented by inflatable balls. We produce one- or multi‑coloured balls, printed on one to eight sections. The six-section balls can have a diameter of 330, 400 and 1,000 mm. The eight-section balls can have a diameter of 550 mm and 700 mm.
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Advertisement items


as standard, we produce articles with the height of 50 – 100 cm, some shapes however up to 200 cm.
we offer promotional print on standard line of products, mainly on inflatable balls (logos, product names, various titles, etc.). The print may be situated anywhere on ball surface – longitudinally on the part, in the middle of the part, alternately on upper and lower part, etc.

from the economic aspect, we suggest 1,000 pcs for products up to the height of 100 cm.
calculated individually for each newly developed product, according to the demand factor of product shape, number of print colours, product complexity and required volume.



If you are interested in the product
mentioned, you may contact directly
the sales department of Fatra.

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