Bed inserts and napkins

For health care and home

Bed pads and napkins are used for matrass covers or are put in beds for sanitary purposes in healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, long-stay hospitals, residential care homes) and in households. Covered with a fabric they are used for protection against wetness (they are not designed for direct contact with the skin).
We offer a custom-made production of various inflatable products designed for healthcare purposes, such as inflatable cylinders (splints) or anti-decubitus pads and other inflatable products.
Materials are designed for use within the temperature range of +5°C to +40°C.
Bed inserts and napkins

Product advantages

  • mattress protection against soaking
  • high hygienic features
  • good hydrolytic resistance
  • easy maintenance – washability and desinfectability
  • print options – up to 4-colour print wide
  • wide variability of sizes supplied – on customer’s request
  • high lifetime


Bed inserts and nappies are made from plasticised polyvinylchloride foil in natural colour.

Inserts can also be printed – up to 4-colour print. Optional custom-made promotional print. Variants without printing are offered from our stock. Printed variants are produced on request.

Products have been tested by National Health Institute Prague, they meet ČSN EN 71-3 requirements for the safety of toys, part 3: migration of certain components. They do not contain any heavy metal based additives. Print colours have also been tested by National Health Institute for skin sensitiveness.


Bed inserts Bed nappies
width x length x thickness (mm) 600 x 900 x 0,17 200 x 200 x 0,12
830 x 900 x 0,17 550 x 450 x 0,12
830 x 1.300 x 0,17
1.000 x 1.800 x 0,17
1.100 x 2.200 x 0,17



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