NEW dog mat!

We are now featuring a HANDY dog mat you will surely appreciate during moulting, times when the dog is on heat, illness or travelling. The DOG PAD from a Czech manufacturer is reversible pad for dogs for use at home, during travelling, for exhibitions, training, and hunting. Its size of 80x80cm makes it suitable even for large and medium-sized dogs. The material used makes sure the pad:

  • is hypoallergenic
  • is 100% water resistant
  • is immediately dry and clean, just wipe it with a cloth
  • makes problems with moulting and hairs a thing of the past
  • is ideal when your dog is on heat
  • is space-saving
  • is lightweight

The mat is manufactured in two colour versions. Dog breeders, veterinarians, dog hotels, etc., will find the mat useful, too.