New Frenchie collection of inflatable toys

New Frenchie collection of inflatable toys

Designer Veronika Vaňhová has designed a new collection of toys that consist of four different products. These products are suitable for different age categories. The graphic is a unifying element with the theme of the popular dog-French Bulldog. The name of the collection is derived from the slang name of the dog-„Frenchie“.

Printing of toys is significant, contrasting colors like red and black are used on the white background. The choice of these colors is not random. Did you know that just these black and white toys are the main root of the Montessori approach to the development of perception and knowledge of the world?  

For this reason, a small inflatable ring is part of the collection for newborn babies. This small ring serves to stimulate eyesight of newborn babies because newborn babies see only black and white color from the distance of 30 centimeters when they are born. Babies start to recognize red color around the fifth month of age, so babies can play with the toy quite long. Thanks to the toy shape and size, the toy is great for training the first grip or it can be used as a rattle because inside of the toy there is a small jingle bell inside.

The collection includes water toys for children over the age of 2- swimming ring and inflatable ball (28 cm diameter). Children can catch this ball easily because of new and smaller extent. 

Frisbee is the new product of this collection. Frisbee is a unique flying UFO. The main advantage of frisbee is compactness. At the end of the game, you can blow frisbee out, put it down and even put it in your pocket. Dog owners can even use frisbee as an emergency water bowl for their dog. The motif with the bulldog is quite appropriate in this case.

Designerka Veronika Vaňhová and Frenchie inflatable toys
Designerka Veronika Vaňhová a nafukovací hračky Frenchie